Barcode and Database

Hey everybody

I just started Kodular IO and i want to learn something from here.

Firstly i want to create a app about barcode and database. I can add barcode scanner in my application. But i didnt add a database. I have a DB. It has very big list like 4*1000 or more, (it is xls but i can convert everything).
I want to scan a barcode after i need to find this barcode at my db. If scanned barcode is in my db, i want to see this barcode’s line other cell. If its not in db. i want to see “barcode is not found” in my screen. How can i do?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

DB example

Barcode | Info1 | Info2 | Info3
9876543 | Mick | 2489 | 1254
1234567 | John | 6547 | 7456
xxxxxxxx | xxxx | xxxx | xxxxx

There are these options:
FireBase (NoSql) and Mysql (SQL) and other relational databases.



Hey !

First of all welcome !

If you have xls that means you might already be a bit more comfortable with xls db, why not go for google sheets as database, it has several advantages to list and is easy to operate too !

You may also like to consider Cloudsheets to connect google sheets with app, a approximately 4 years only service having 19 formatting options in classic version and 16 in tools version. And a decent speed with all time active support team !!

You can search for cloudsheets on the community and find my post

Keep koding


Thanks for your support Aditya Chaturvedi

I didnt find how can i read from google sheets. Im new here :slight_smile:
Im using this sometimes google sheets. Can u share with me if u know any topic about it.
Also i will continue coding i hope :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support Rogerio Rios

But can i do without any online database. It mean if i use local DB from storage, how can i do?
My original data is xls(excel table). I need to do like that. Because i need to add or change this db sometimes from excel.

Sqlite Local.

Hi, why not speak on dm, am quiet good with this topic.

I have sent you message through personal window

Setting up wont be much pain !!

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This is also a free and great way.

No need for extensions. It is always best, if something can be done without extensions, to do it that way.


I will try this way if i dont be happy with google sheets. :slight_smile:
Thanks for all Rogerio.

You don’t need extensions to do it that way.
Good luck, without extensions.

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Using it might save some time of a developer and there is someone to back you, always without messing much into the blocks

Depends on user to user, those who are using it might already be knowing this fact, still they used so there might be something about it.

Peace :pray:t2:

I am reporting a way to connect without extensions , without costs and without financial interests.

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Respect that from heart, but maybe just saying that without those bold characters would have also worked ?

Sometimes things can be simplified too !!

Continuing to your thread : Alternates : Use form and csv methods

And if you wish to try with something thats easy to setup with a response time of 3 mins in case of support then you may consider an extension cum service called Cloudsheets


Can you provide a small xls file so we can try out something for you…

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Hi @esad18, please read this post there by you will get an idea about how to read data from googlesheet

Thanks for all support also i’m sorry for late message.

I added a excel file here also. I didnt try still with SQL or google spreadsheets etc.
If someone want to help me about it, please share here for other users.

Thanks for all your supports :slight_smile: (170.7 KB)

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Is anyone able to open this file or is something wrong on my end?

I tried with google sheets app and it failed with error as corrupt xls but with default phone reader its opening well

Yes same here, both local (PC) and Google sheets.