[Opinion] Free Database?

Hi Kleyber_Derick:

Thank you for share!

It seems that MariaDB is totally free, what is good!

But, to use MariaDB I need to have a server, correct?
A server brings some costs… :frowning:


Yes, of course!!! In my case I develop apps to sell them to enterprises. If your intention is that, think that in a near future, the costs will be too low… if not, the other options are there… good luck!


Hello Kleyber,

Do you have any tutorial (step-by-step) to configure MariaDB and connect it to the app?
I don’t know php but to host my own DB sounds interesting…
Actually I aim to host at a home server if I can make it work.

If you want a too simple database, you should think about hosting your own TinyWebDB.

Pavitra (from Kodular Staff) has a repo on GitHub which is TinyWebDB’s Python version and can be installed on Heroku with one-click.

And you can use TinyWebDB connect to your database and store and get data.

However, TinyWebDB has less features when compared to other databases such as deleting tag method etc. So I’m trying to improve it with a brand new one. :sweat_smile:


Hi @guilhermemaracaipe,

To use MariaDB or MySQL or any other SQL based databases, is really necessary using PHP to create an API that will work between your app and database.

There is no any way to access a remote database directly using our app. The apps use an API to send the messages and the API do the rest (SELECT, INSERT, etc) and returns data to app in JSON.

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Excelent that you’re working on a new TibyWebDB @yusufcihan!
The TinyWebDB that exists today doesn’t fullfill my needs because there’s no supoort to tag list, there’s a workaround as @Hossein teached in another post but it’s just too much trouble to make it work properly.
Hope your new version can deal with it, would be a huge improvement to block programming have something like that!

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If you want your database work fast. Instead of creating lots of tags, try to create lots of buckets (when the application opens, it loads all the tags there are in the bucket and when there are a lot of tags in the bucket it takes a lot to load the device) and in each bucket you create a small number of tags

Thank you for support!

I can even say it is almost finished, however, I’m trying to add more methods.

Yeah I hope too! :grin:

And since TinyWebDB is not only limited with App Inventor, you can even use it in every programming language with a simple URL POST call. So I believe TinyWebDB is can be useful for cross-platform apps too.

That’s why I like TinyWebDB!

How do you create a bucket in TinyWebDB? :thinking:

I meant a firebase

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airtable is slow in loading data it take more time when app make first after that it become smoth but firts request just hang the screen for more than 1 min

Agreed with you.firebase is very slow.i have 13000 tags with value.when app sent request for specific tag its takes to much time (1 to 3 min) to give value

Give MySql a try.

Is this same as provided by @Taifun’s PHP script and solution or its a different method?

Try Google Spreadsheet with Google Apps Script, use regular email and your have 15 GB storage…

It’s the same!!

Ok thanku :heart:

Use mysql / mariadb with php scripts. My first test I did with the help of @Kleyber_Derick and I used a database of more than 100,000 records. This query in the database was made with Join in 4 tables. The data appears instantly. I also send the parameters to the script and the Scripts I create works with Insert, Select, Update and Delete on the server. And as I already mentioned, Mysql / Mariadb have thousands of research sources. They also use the SQL language (DML and DDL) which is used directly on the command line or in hundreds of programming languages. And that is one more point in favor of this database. To manipulate it we use an SQL language that can be used by hundreds of programming languages.
In short: large Relational banks are Oracle MySQL Postgree SqlServer. Only MySQL and Postgree free.


I totally agree with you.:grinning::grinning: