Choosing a database

Hi there,

I’m looking for an online database to store some data.
I’m creating an app to calculate paramaters for machining metal, plastics etc.
The database consists of at least 2 tables. Category and product details. The tables are linked by ID’s. I’d like the ability to expend the database in order to create users, usergroups and machines. These tables will be linked, so something “select from table x and y where”.
I’m familiar with MySQLi and PHP.
Storing images online is required as well. Preferable in the database.

Self hosting a database, be it MySQL or a textfile is possible but I prefer an online service for what I hope is easier to use.

Which online database comes in handy? Any suggestions on would to choose? Are there any limitations on storage capacity? Keep in mind images must be stored as well.


Mysql or PostgreSQL.
But, You will find many hosts that already offer mysql.
Then you can use MySQL. Don’t worry about storage capacity.

Thnx for the reply. I’ll dive in to this.

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What do you think about fire database it is excellent for your project

Then in simple you can use googlesheet as database. Limited blocks, fast response… first try with MySQL after then try googlesheet

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