Kodular and online database

Good morning everyone and especially good 2020.

Sorry if I write a post that has already been discussed in this community, but I need useful advice and a clearing of ideas.

I have many app requests where an online database is needed. I would need to create many small databases for different groups of users (e.g. company_1 - database_company_1, access to N users of company_1 … company_N - database_company_N …).
I am good at Sql language therefore I would be oriented on Sql database.
What I ask who has faced this problem, which online database do you recommend considering the following parameters:

  1. Low cost
  2. Easy integration with Kodular
  3. This less necessary, a “friendly” database management console.

It would be nice if any of you could tell me some input on which Kodular components to use for communicating with the online database. I’m good at databases, but novice with a link to an online database from Kodular. I would therefore like to expand this knowledge to satisfy many requests.
I hope this post will be useful to others who have my same need.

Thank you all .


first i wana ask, have you tried Firebase , Spreadsheet from components of Kodular?

Hi Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay of my reply.
No, I haven’t tried firebase, I wanted to understand first which way could be the best way to manage several online databases at reduced costs.

firebase and airtable have free Package also, and enough for small apps. i am also using both in free for all my apps.

what about MySQL then?
see also App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps


Thanks @ImranTariq , I will study your suggestion.

Thanks @Taifun , I had already seen the page you linked to, but I wanted to write here first to see the various possible ways.
I believe that it is time for me to study the solution you recommended.
I believe I will ask you for advice in the future.
Thank you…


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