Help Needed with Choosing Database Provider

What is the best way to create a database containing the following Product data:
Product’s name
Offer Value
Product Image
I wish to have in the application about 1000 registered products …
Another question: I have a database in access, and I would like to send this database to Firebase direct so I do not have to register all the products, so I could load the firebase products into the application, and if I have more items to add, did from here directly by the application.

MySql will be best for your app.
You can also go with Firebase but by seeing your app features that will be difficult and take energy and time.
But using MySql you can get all details in just a single query.


Do you have an example to send blocks of how?

Would you have an example to send me, how could I assemble the blocks by calling Mysql to send the products and other blocks to read the data stored in MySql?

Of my view, :airtable:Airtable is also a perfect and flexible solution. Its learning curve is fairly easy and Kodular also has a component for it.

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Airtable is also good.
But I love MySql due to its simplicity and data storage.
I have tried almost every database available in Kodular and found that MySql and Firebase are best.

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but where I find mysql does not Kodular. So I found the non-Kodular SQLite in storage

There is a method called search use this on this community and google ane youtube. You will get different types of methods.

Following the suggestion here of the community, I decided to use the airtable. Someone here could show me an example in image, of blocks where I could download to the application the data recorded in the airtable in the following columns:
Code, Product, Flavor, QNT.
I’m downloading only the Products in a List_View1. I need that after selecting the desired item in this list_View1, it searches again in the airtable everything related to the code of the related product and presents in a separate arrangement.

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