Which server database is faster?

Hello @Peter please from your experience which Database is more faster than the other for example I have been using airtable and Firebase for years now and I can comfirm that Airtable is not relaible at all because it is too slow and has limits for row fetching, but also firebase is costfull.

So, I would kindly like to ask which is fater than the other comparing baserow vs google spreadsheet I have never used any of it but I want now to give a try on one of it which is faster to call data and show them on dynamic componet

Also I have VPS Hosting Server but for sure I don’t know how to use mysql also I am not sure if it will be faster to get data and show on the app because a lot of users complain against my apps that they are too much slow in onpening and running and then I understand that it is because I use airtable to get data without their notes!

So please I am searching for a best solution.

well, you only asked @Peter, so I do not know, if you are interested in other opinions… :thinking:
concerning Airtable and Google Spreadsheets there already is a statement here

but what about first describing your requirements?
how many tables do you plan to use?
how many rows do you expect to have for each table?

generally from a relational database point of view… in terms of speed I would suggest to use a professional database, which is MySQL, which additionally offers a lot of tuning possibilities, see for example MySQL :: MySQL Performance Tuning and Optimization Resources

as a start you can try my MySQL solution here App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps

EDIT: some other opinions you can find in this thread



I real appreciate your suggestions I have never used MySQL but I would like to give it a try thank @Taifun
But the other problem is when I use Dynamic listview it takes a long time to load the data on the screen, so someone help how to solve this at least to make the data load only for 5 seconds or 10 seconds.

Maybe this :point_down:

As @Taifun said

well, you only asked @Peter, so I do not know, if you are interested in other opinions… :thinking:
concerning Airtable and Google Spreadsheets there already is a statement here

My opinions :

MySQL is better as you have VPS Hosting Server. You could see some guides in kodular community for help

btw, I still don’t know MySQL

Before I used Airtable mostly. But know I use baserow

I recommend self-hosted baserow DB as you have VPS

~Yours Faithfully
Enderman aka shreyansh

What I just want to know is that, which is the fastest than the other?

1: Baserow
2: MysQL
3: Google Spreadsheet

Between those three above which is the best and fastest to load data?

Every database is fast if you can create a good structure.

sure I currently use airtable with 4 procedures such as

1. videoData
2. dataNews
3. standingData
4. fixituresData

Before I load data to procedures I make sure that all data are loaded from airtable and it only takes 4-6 seconds to load data but getting into a procedure it takes more than 1-2 minutes

That makes the app to crush if the user touches the screen before the procedure finishes to load.

please is there any methods I can use to make it load faster?

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I am trying to follow

But I am confused on how to use these blocks!

I can run the data from the cell of the airtable but how do I add each data cell into Dynamic Listview smoothly without crushing or waiting a lot of minutes or seconds!

how many data/records needed to be downloaded? you need to download all the records every time you open app? did the records will change or always keep same?

the records will change everyday

maybe try to fetch 10-20 records every time and show to users. when swipe down/up, fetch more records

I showed , This :point_down:

I am using Dynamic Component list-view I am not well familiar with deleting or clearing data from dynamic list-view and I don’t know how to add them on every scroll

I tried to follow but I stuck on how to add when scrolling
:point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

I have tried the method from my end but see what I get

It looks that the select list item cannot accept the argument

Maybe someone can help me on this

your airtable source alone enough. i just designed to run or load faster from airtable to the maximum… just test the apk but didnot add any other functions… Loading and clicking the cardview alone have added

Lists_UserScroll.apk (5.4 MB)

(In redmi image loading faster but in my oppo it takes few sec)

MySQL if your good or baserow is recommended

Thank you genius this has been a great solution to me. I modified the aia with the one I sent you the app now takes 16 seconds instaead of 6-8 minutes.

I know the part which makes the app to delay untill 16 seconds is the JSON file which loads from my website they are two JSONS 1: standing and 2 fixtures I wish I could have known how to load them in smoothly way too.

But thank you very much @Still-learning you are a great teacher.

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Do not try to load both the JSON at a time. If the first JSON loads and gives you output then you can set another JSON to read and load so you will have enough time