What is the best method for saving and retrieving data online using Kodular.

Hello. I am relatively new to Kodular and have a question on data storage. I am working on an app where the user enters in data from events. The data for each event is saved in a file on the device as the user enters it. The data is broken down into lines of information (for each entry there is another line), which could stretch into several dozen lines or maybe a hundred lines, possibly more. Once the user is finished entering all the data, the program computes calculations and resulting information. I want the user to then be able to transfer that file of information to an online database that will be accessible by both a website and another Kodular app that will read the computed calculations. Over time, the user will be entering in data from multiple events so the database will continue to grow. What is the best online service/way to use and the method needed to use/store/upload/download it? Thank you in advance for any help.

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One option :

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You might consider Cloudsheets as an option, it is a bridge between google sheets and your app.

Its a good option if you are looking for portability.

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