Need your suggestion regarding database

okay, so what i’m looking for is a real time database service which can fulfill my following needs :

  1. it can store up to 2 million entries

each entry include - email id, no. of coins, list of links ( provided by user ), list of 5 values. i can’t tell you in detail but probably you got the idea.

  1. it should be fast as well as the server shouldn’t go down.

  2. cheap or free :roll_eyes:

  3. easy to use with kodular

i would love to hear your suggestions. :heart:

Use Google Spreadsheet

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is it free?

You Can Check It By Doing Search On Google.

but there’s a limitation, we can create up to 5 million cells ( row + column )

so, i need 5-10 column per row, it means for 2 million rows,

2 million × 5 = 10 million cells are required , which exceeds the limit.

Mysql is best for large database.

is it free?

thank you… now i know what i’ve to use.

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