[Opinion] Free Database?

Give MySql a try.

Is this same as provided by @Taifun’s PHP script and solution or its a different method?

Try Google Spreadsheet with Google Apps Script, use regular email and your have 15 GB storage…

It’s the same!!

Ok thanku :heart:

Use mysql / mariadb with php scripts. My first test I did with the help of @Kleyber_Derick and I used a database of more than 100,000 records. This query in the database was made with Join in 4 tables. The data appears instantly. I also send the parameters to the script and the Scripts I create works with Insert, Select, Update and Delete on the server. And as I already mentioned, Mysql / Mariadb have thousands of research sources. They also use the SQL language (DML and DDL) which is used directly on the command line or in hundreds of programming languages. And that is one more point in favor of this database. To manipulate it we use an SQL language that can be used by hundreds of programming languages.
In short: large Relational banks are Oracle MySQL Postgree SqlServer. Only MySQL and Postgree free.


I totally agree with you.:grinning::grinning: