Which is the best option to store online database?

I was making a wallpaper app and I need an effective option to store wallpapers links or records.
What should I choose ?


Mysql is the database ever. Even Paytm company uses Mysql


How many records I can store in my SQL (Maximum)

My friend you can’t imagine the number. You can trust it fully that it will never lag when there is is lots of user came in your app.

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wow this is superb

I have told you above that big companies like Paytm, MobiKwik this type of use company uses mySQL database so you can imagine the power of this database.

Didn’t you read what I posted? Reading is good for learning. In my post there is a report on Mysql.


Yes I read your post . Sorry for not replying :pensive:

what about doing a Google search to find the answer?


281,474,976,710,656 rows


@Taifun @vermajiappdeveloper OMG :heart_eyes: that’s a very very big number thanks for the help :relaxed:

If you had read the links I went through, you would have seen the names of the big companies that use Mysql. Given that, you would know that wanting to know the maximum number of records is irrelevant.
Big Companies.


may u please tell us about hosting :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

See as I suggest you that while developing your app use free hosting provider like 000webhost.com and after publish that in play store transfer that hosting to Good paid Hosting provider.

One more thing after you transfer to the paid Hosting provider check you dashboard every day means Check your Cpanel dashboard were you check the statics of storing and read of data means how much resources are being used by your paid Hosting. If your resources increases upgrade your hosting day by day if needed.


Some one can tell me that, which server is best for free? And also which is more time faster between Firebase & Airtable & Google Spreadsheet?

If anyone know this, please reply me?

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Yeah in between this three Google spreadsheet is the fastest and you can store more records in Google spreadsheet than airtable or firebase :heart:

I have written above dear.

Use mysql it the best