Which is the best database for 5000 Daily Active Users

Firstly my app link -

My app has 5k daily active users and currently I am using firebase database.
The database costs were OK for a 1000 active users
But now my database costs crossed 3000$ per month, I need help which database is best to use and which is cheap too.

Total read Queries to database are around 400k/day
Total write queries are too 400k/day

I used airtable spreadsheet too but its too slow to get cell and set cell.

Please suggest me cheapest and fastest database which can be used in kodular.

You should try to use mysql it’s faster than spreadsheet and less costly than firebase which is in your case is 3000$ you can get a hosting in 3000$ or lower cost for an year depending upon your requirement

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Use mysql database it’s best database and also it’s cheaper than firebase or airtable

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@CJcorp Can you please suggest which site is best for hosting mysql

U can use this cheap 499INR per year plan

There are lots of sites offering different kind of plans and services go through all of them to compare which one suitable for your requirements

Some of then which is in my knowledge are

  1. Hostinger
  2. Erichost
  3. infinity
    And so on.

@CJcorp Can you please suggest me best plan in hostinger as I don’t know much about MySQL, Thanks for the help.

Check out


@CJcorp Please suggest me the plan which can handle 800k requests in a day, I have no idea which plan is best for me. As these plans are so cheap, I don’t know if they can handle the load.

What about Firebase Cloud Firestore?

I never used firestore and mysql, Suggest me only those databases which are very fast and the cost of them is less than 1000$ a month.

Don’t Go with Shared Hosting or Cheap Hosting they Will Block You i remember that In April i change Several Hosting because they just not handle my Traffic of 3million requests per day on my app after That I Purchased VPS for My apps.
For Your Case I Suggest You to Buy VPS minimum of 8GB Ram in Case Your Daily Requests Reached up to 1Million it can easily handel. Host Your Site On this VPS and Connect Your App Through MYSql. :blush:

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Thanks a lot @Hadi_Editz for your help.

I suggest you to go with www.contabo.com For VPS Mostly Hosting Reseller using this it’s Amazing and also Cheap. If i Didn’t Face any issue with 3million plus requests per day than I Think it’s also best for your app Traffic.

@Hadi_Editz Thanks for suggesting contabo, I am going for its 16 gb ram plan

Good Currently I’m also using 30GB Ram but may b i downgrade it to 8gb because I think 8gb is enough for me now.

Link isn’t working.

Just unpublished the app, I started working on mysql

Your app link not opening please give one new