Regarding Database question

Please anyone tell me which database is faster to upload 1000 of music
Airtable or firebase

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I recommend to use firebase and put it’s link in airtable sheet

Upload music on Cloudnairy or Firebase storage and put Links in Airtable.

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I recommend to upload music on Cloudnairy put its links in Airtable.


but 1000 music i want to add in firebase or cludinary so it will work on that or it app will unstable it work on 1000 or more music ??

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you may need to firstly download the music and then play it for stability

i have download the 1000 up music i have doubt that it will not hanging or not ??

It may hang

that the problem so what i should do??

Why not to play it online

I never tried it with 1000 files but I don’t think it would be unstable… You can add few codes to load the music as the user scrolls. In this way, The app will load a small number of files at a time of 8 to 10. And I think that Airtable allows you to get 1600 records If I am not wrong. (Someone who has tested can help)

1600 would be enough or you could take paid memberships of the same, to increase limit.

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because in online there are not so link that why and this music is a religious music you understand @UnknownBeast that religious music you have to download and that are not other option that why have download 1000 of religious music and i want to add it so i thought if i will upload 1000 of musc in cloudinary or firebase it hanging so that why i have asked the question ?? Please help me

but how to load file can you tell me @Kshitij ???

Always search on community. Try below…

but i have to do it on list view so it work on list view how to load file in listview i have never tried in listview that why i am asking??
See it might help…

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yaa it work but atlast i am confused where can i put 1000 of data in firebase or cloudinary please tell me the reason why should i want to upload in cloudinary or firebase please anyone tell me ??

According to me you should upload your all music to google drive and put its links in airtable or firebase if you uses cloudinary or firebase for uploading and downloading then your database charges affects firebase and cloudinary’s bandwith affect very fast when you use them

Firebase -free for while then pay good quality
Airtable+cloudinary -free untill a limit of storage then pay for both airtable, cloudinary
I recommend firebase

Forgot yes Google drive is much good 15 GB per account