Database for telemetry application using Kodular

Hello all,

I am planning to make an application, where the details of the patient and vitals info will be collected and stored in a database, which can be accessed by hospital app.

I am using airtable to store basic details. However, different individuals will have different vitals readings. This sensitive information should be handled and stored well as files. These files should be accessed and updated (without deleting previous files).

I wish to know… which database would be the best one for such an arrangement of applications?

Kindly help.


MySQL Database.

Great idea. The supply would be done on the app by doctors and nurses and updated immediately.

And the history:
*signs after applying a medication?
*nurse doctor who did the reading?

It is mainly to be implemented in areas where doctors and facilities are low. To bridge the gap between the centres with high facilities (and experts) and the patients at (really) remote areas. There will be a medical rep at the rural area who’ll take the readings of people (as in routine checkup). Any violation will alert the (selected) hospital side. Then doctor/nurse can give directions via messages.

Yes, the files will carry history.
When a patient’s info is called, the history of that patient can be accessed. The information will have other info, which you mentioned. :slight_smile:

This is a great project.
Very useful !
I don’t see difficulty in doing it.

Without internet ?
You need SQLite to store.

This is a great project.

  • Patients
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Signal Types Evaluated
  • Historic

Youre gonna need it for your project:

  • Draw your app.
  • Rent a host.
  • Draw the database.
  • Create PHP Scripts to Connect, Search, Insert, Update and Delete in the database.
  • Create Kodular blocks .
  • Create UI Kodular.