Quick help for extension creation (supabase.io API)

Friends I’m using supabase.io (great open source alternative to firebase with very generous limits), I’m connecting the API using the web component. As I intend to use supabase for several other projects, I decided to waste some time making a plugin to connect to this service that will save a lot of time later and will certainly help a lot of people.
My idea is to modify the web component so it doesn’t start from scratch, so I ask.
Does anyone know where I can get the web component code?

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In order to use it from your extension, follow this small “tutorial” by me


Grateful for the guidance.
I will strive in trying to do something useful; getting it I publish to help the people.

Starting from scratch?
You need the url
You need the parameters for each API resource.
And ?

I referred to using the web component code to not start programming the plugin from scratch.

I already use APIs perfectly with the web component, but it’s really boring to assemble a function with a bunch of blocks for each API endpoint.
I plan to do this faster and cleaner with the plugin.

Yes…but it doesn’t
the functions are not performed on the server?

Yes of course, but I’m referring to the API endpoint calls.

Today to create an account you need something like this:

With the plugin I intend it to be something like this:

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I know this doesn’t answer your question, however, I keep hearing about this. Can you explain further how it’s better than Firebase? From what I’ve seen, it’s not.

I didn’t say it’s better, I said it’s an excellent open source alternative.
For my use, which basically is CRUD and backend functions, it serves well and the cost is interesting, the free plan is already enough for many projects.
Selects and security rules are much more refined, I have no doubt.
It would be very difficult for an independent initiative with a few months to make a product more powerful than firebase, but I bet that at some point they will get there!
Do tests, I think you’ll like the service as I do.

Where is endpoint parameters? Url, will they be the same? How many parameters?

Is this NoSQL-Database?

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The global URL is the base, the rest changes with each endpoint.
Some data creation endpoint has multiple parameters.

Okay. So forget it.

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PostgreSQL, the rock!

Okay. So forget it.Nosql…
Ok… Forget It…

Web Component … in 3 minutes + php Scripts + database relational

They can also use JS, which in my opinion would be way easier since there’s already standardized support for it.

I cited php script as he cited a relational database . Only that.

Good work and good luck!