Help with Extension

Hi Developers,
I haven’t developed any extensions but I am familiar with Java and stuff.

I want to make an extension for WebComponent which will work for the purpose of PostText block.
If I want to use existing PostText Block, i need to specify various parameters using the text block, using that extension i want to have those paramets plugged in.

Can someone help me with what existing code looks like for the web component so that i can tweak it as per need?

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You want default value to be plugged in socket something like tinydb?

No i kind of want to duplicate the web block but when i call the get text method I want to pass additional parameters keeping the working exactly like it is.

It is till not understandable. Can you show an example?

If you see my screenshot, i want to provide secret_key, appName, email as parameters.

Don’t want to use text block to join.

Then I would like to recommend you to read this: