Adoption app - help

Looks amazing… I will try when my companion works…

I made something like that using the dynamic component :sweat_smile: @Buddys_Pet_Store

Still waiting for @ADDYLIN 's aia to implement slide menu and see how its look :grin:



Keep Waiting :crazy_face:,
I Am Not Free Before 13th Of March.


Come on :
Keep in mind that this is not a Kodular beginner.
You need to know programming logic + database (at least).
Analyze how you want your system to work and what routines will be implemented.
Design your database correctly
Generate queries optimally, avoiding unnecessary traffic
Create the relationships between tables, respecting the normalization rules
Create triggers and SP to have a database ready for future platform changes


wow, exactly what I’m looking for, it can be simple at first, without that sample image menu. which database used? I was trying to use firebase. and what or how is this dynamic component?

I have not used any database for that . I created myself a variable where I have put list of datas. You can check this :
Sidemenu.aia (441.4 KB)

All the images are cropped in the ratio of 500*500 pixels

thank you, i will study your app, to understand how you did it, it will already be of great help. @theanonymous

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Deep Host extension are not allowed in community , please note that.
And also,
See this : Adoption app - help - #16 by theanonymous

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I wrote first for asking how the design is, I know :slightly_smiling_face:

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To create a professional app, you will need to use a database.

All quality software works with databases.

The databases are of 2 types: SQL and NoSQL. I have always used SQL databases. I have no doubts about robustness, speed, storage capacity, data integrity.

@theanonymous did you implimented side menu?

@theanonymous already answered :point_down:

@Vaibhav @theanonymous and @Masoom In case you all don’t know.
@ADDYLIN is suspended. So in no way, he can help it out…

Yes I know that, I just answered @Masoom’s question

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I am also trying I was able to make totally same UI I am working on dynamic part…

Not UI part, I am saying for the side menu.
I have made the UI part, done many mistakes and many functions if I compare it to the original post but completed it in an hour :sweat_smile:

Side menu works but I have to figure out a way to make it look nice and clean… And few more bugs
to be fixed…

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Now i can say,

Waiting for your aia @Kshitij :grin: