[ PAID API] Cloudsheets Extension

Check the latest version here : [ PAID API] Cloudsheets Extension - #50 by aditya_chaturvedi

Hi developers,

Am here to introduce Cloudsheets - A dedicated service to link your google spreadsheet with app.

The extension is free to use but need an API that can be generated from our website : https://www.cloudsheets.xyberneo.com

A special mention to @help_cttricks for being by my side in the whole development process and helping me with solutions

Advantages of using google spreadsheet as your app’s database over Airtable :

1 - Its completely free to use where Airtable on the other hand gives 1000 rows for free after which it charges a monthly fees of 10 USD.

2 - All kinds of formatting options are available whereas in Airtable only paid accounts get formatting options. Most of the basic formatting options are restricted in Airtable.

3 - You can use all the add-ons that are available for google sheets.

Advantages of using this extension :

1 Step Login - Signup option available.

Unlike Airtable, you can use a single block to create a login system. Also, firebase has a limited bandwidth which is not a case in spreadsheets.

Its 2 requests per second per IP, which is more than enough

2 - Easy to use

3 - Multiple formatting blocks available to exactly fulfil your requirement. Offers a 3 days free complimentary trial

4 - Cheap as compared to others

Pricing :

1 - Cost of 1 API key i.e linking 1 sheet to app via extension - INR 120 or 3.2 USD

2 - Unlimited API keys at INR 410 or 9 USD - Get in touch with me personally to activate your unlimited plan.

Bonus Feature : Login System’s complete authentication can be done within 2 seconds - Based on testing result with 825 + user’s data

Also, I invite youtubers to get in touch if they wish to make a video on it.

You can download the extension (Version 5) and create an account from https://www.cloudsheets.xyberneo.com

Docs are available at https://docs.xyberneo.com

We also have integration for PHP, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT and Python available and if you need it for any other platform then too do let me know, we would make it

You can ask any query that you have regarding the extension or the website.

PM for further information.

Latest Version of Extension : https://www.extensions.xyberneo.com


XyberNeo AKA Aditya


You’re charging double

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Its because paypal will charge 0.5 usd as conversation and then 5 percent addition charges also it will charge some amount for bank transfer… if you can pay in INR i dont mind…

Taking it in any currency i get only inr 99 in my account.

But the extension is worth that price. Do try once you wont regret


Why do I have to pay 2.27x more in USD than in INR?

Its because i have to pay paypal for various charges…fixed charge…transfer charge…currency conversion charge.

Am get amount equal to inr 99 from those 3 USD.

Hope you understand.


Ok, sure, but if I transfer 99 rupees to your PayPal a count you wont have to pay fees?

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yes definately…if you can pay in inr then 99 is the charges…there too i have to pay a small amount for bank transfer but ill bear that.

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I removed your other account on the community. Only one account is allowed.

What’s the difference with the extension from @help_cttricks or is it just the same.

You should show the blocks inside and some examples of its use.


Sure Peter !

That extension was based on ID system which was kinda slow…New day brings new possibilities and here is an upgraded version of that extension

Last but most important, that extension has been discontinued :slight_smile:

Also added some features

Attaching the images below

Hope things are clear now


The real price of the extension is only 0.10 usd but other 3 $ is for his hard work and knowledge which is worth of millions. I appreciate your work @aditya_chaturvedi


That’s really kind of you.

Thanks a lot for those kind words


Your verification mail google shows as spam and block verification link.

That is true, same was for me…

Yes mate, i have noticed that, got the mail some time ago, someone has reported it as spam. I dont know why the person felt its a spam.

You can continue to use the services, am looking for a solution to this issue

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Yes , am looking for a solution to this problem.

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anyways, your account verification is complete.

You can generate apis from the website.


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Hello @Vishwas, Can I get Extension Developer badge? if I’m eligible for it. :grin:

I’ve granted you the badge. Welcome to the Extension Developers’ group!


Hi, I liked your extension but i have some questions regarding it. I never used Google sheets.

I have used firebase database in all my projects because it is wicked fast with smooth experience.

But I am afraid of reaching free limit of firebase, and currently I can not afford its paid plans.

I have knowledge about Airtable, but I don’t use it bacause of its slow in loading data problem. It takes too much time to load data.

So, I found your extension interesting.

  1. Does it load data as fast as firebase?
  2. Is there any limitations on its use?
  3. When the app has many users then, can this extension handle load?
  4. Also need a video tutorial about its setup with blocks on how to save data in sheet and load data in app.

hey there @The_K_Studio

Glad to know that you have considered Cloudsheets as your database.

Answer to your questions :

1 - In the testing stage we tested it with many different types of databases. For the first time it will take about 6 - 7 seconds because it will create a temporary file to fasten up the process in future. After the 1st login it will speed up to about 2 secs for the entire process

The extension has a one-step login system which makes it different from airtable.

So yes, Definitely, these features are worth a try

2 - No, there is no limitations of use, the only limitation is the it can only process 2 requests per ip per seconds…this is something i have never seem to become a barrier for anyone since…sending 2 requests within 1 seconds is really a big task :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

3 - Yes, it will be able to handle the load easily, you wont face any such issues unless you have an active user base of about 1 lakh users per day…in that case as well i have a solution

4 - I have made really detailed and easy to understand docs for the extension. Still if needed ill provide all the resources for support

Hope i was able to give a satisfactory answer to all your question.

You can get it touch for more clarification. :slight_smile: