How to search and select a name from google sheet - regd

Kodulars, I am having 1300 names in column A (A1 to A1300), And if theuser types his name in the field(text box or spinner or anything) it have to filer and show his name in the app.

Is there any option available in kodular?

My ultimate aim is the user need to pick his name from googlesheet into the field


If i upload all the names as CSV file, Will it be easy to select or pick??

Is it a google spreadsheet ? If yes, then you can use web component to get all data from column A (A1 to A1300) as csv and add them to a list so when the user types his name or … if he is in the list then …


You might want to consider Cloudsheets, it has a dedicated block for it and many more amazing blocks !!!

Let me try and tell you kodular.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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In order to work do not forget to set google spreadsheet to “anyone with the link can view”

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Yup sure…

One more doubt, you have given few blocks in the above post, but my doubt is Where will the csv file deliver the response content???

Do i havebto set it under required label??

Greate a global variable and set it to create an empty list.

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This is something i usually get worried about, this depletes the security, people can extract link from source and then you are destroyed, i like other options in this case, at-least the db is not directly accessible

In which case you can use a google apps script web app and access private google sheets, even the users own sheets on their own google drive. No need for any paid extensions / api keys…

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Yeh true, not everything is as easy is as it seems, no doubt if you make efforts it will be.

There are many other factors too, speed, efforts, and etc.

Thats the only reason it takes time to evolve services to a respectable level

Peace :v:

Unable to get the required one

Use query

Web url to :
“insert your spreadsheet id”
&gid=“your gid spreadsheet”
web uri encode text :
select * where A=’
eg John (name in col A)

when web get text
and you get responses about row of John


Thats wrong block

put your web goto url & web get to button verify

and try to show result in label (add new label)

when web got text
set label text to responses content


Oh superb… It works…

Now i will try to frame another rule there by Name, std and sec will go in the respective boxes… I am getting all the rrsponses content and all in the same box

Thank you @sugarlesscreator

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cause you are getting a list with 4 items. Use select list item list block, ixdex 2 is name index 3 is std index 4 is sec


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Tomorrow i will try to set up blocks.

Instead of text box 2 i have to add these block one by one, i think you r trying to suggest me… Thanks @dora_paz

Row 1 col 1 = 1500
Row 1 col 2 = Navin Kumar
Row 1 col 3 = VI
Row 1 col 4 = A (Sec)

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