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Hello community, I have a problem. I use an application that allows you to search by an identifier to bring out all the information from the google sheet line in the application. I use Google Sheet as a database. My identifiers are in number for the moment in my sheet and it works very well when I do a search from my app created with Kodular? only I changed my identifiers to number and text (AA001) and there it does not work, I know that the problem is that it only takes numbers and when there is a letter in the identifier it doesn’t take. How can I solve this problem? because I want my identifiers to also include letters.


if you can recreate this block for me and post it here, i think the problem is there. I’m not very pro in kodular, I manage to be good.

Show us your procedure block?? And you are with index 1 only??

Good morning, My procedure is :

my ais is :

Idea_inno_upc_Screen4 (1).ais (152.9 KB)

no use of giving ais… better click do it in the web url or share demo aia

This ? :point_down:


schreenShot my App : point_down

when web got text, show us the response…

your url must be
/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&gid=0&&tq=select * where B=TextBox1.text

I sent the AIS so will you help me please? I am not very professional, but I evolve little by little. Please help me. yes that’s how my url is. When I search for identifier in number (ex: 243) it works well, I have a positive result, but when it is a text with a number (ex: A120), it gives me as result what is displayed on the screenshot.

what is in the procedure is this link below : * where B = B=TextBox1.text

see if you are looking only number then you should not use any other symbol where as your query contains Alphanumeric so you must add hypen in prefix(‘) and suffix(’)
/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&gid=0&tq=select A,B where B='textbox text'

if the text box is only number then url must be
/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&gid=0&tq=select A,B where B=textbox text

I hope you can see the difference… and try like this, you will succeed.

thank you for the answer, now how will my blocks look at the textbox level? How to put the (‘) in the textbox which is already in a block already that we cannot put the (’). Or what to put instead of the green Text_Box1 Text block like that?

Add few more fields in join block

(…url … where B=)
(text box text)

Thank you very much, I succeeded with your help.:pray::pray::pray:

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