I need a little help how to manage a personal identifier on Google Sheets

At first I worked on the app inventor app because it is easier

Here is the interface of my application

This application interface is not good, but the most important thing is the solution to problems and then work

This application, when the user clicks on the read all, the list will display the values of the first column and then press it on one of the values from the list. The information will display the row information for the value that he pressed.

This is the graph chart

Here is my work and how do I import and also use the following codes

I would like to create a text box, and the user directs his user number so that his information appears, not by pressing the selected values, what is the list …

… I have experimented with the display through the box, but when the result comes, the main row number for the rows comes and not the first column. ,

Can you help me, I would like to create a text box, and the user enters a number, so the program searches for the number in the first column, and then displays its parametere

Can you work on the code, change a part of it to search through the first column?

Thank you for watching in advance. Your evre one from Iraq was honored to join you

I apologize because of my language, I use a translator

Check if this helps,
When user fills textbox and click search, call the first row and store it’s values in a list.
Then, search that list for the value filled by user.

If found, do what you want…


How am I a beginner? Can you clarify how to call the first column I apologize if I prolonged my words, but I am a beginner

Here is a Google table

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Data already fetched! Just put the marked values into a list. Then search that list for the user input.

Can you clarify or help? I am still a beginner in the application. I tried a lot of menus and functions and it will not give me the information of the main class

Can you do it? You are still a beginner and have tried a lot of lists and the first column did not harm the main row number.

So here is the blocks…

And the result appear in the app is

Detailed block code
In the first join block use this code https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1K5v8FBH6_6abTQsY13ROQz9b3enBLth5Gbc95JXF4hE/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&sheet=Sheet1&tq=

Second text box use this code
Select B,C,D,E,F,G where A matches ’

You can modify it as per your needs…

I displayed first value only. IF you want to display each value in different label, use same web got text block but change the first index number to any. Second block number should not change because we are getting only one list. In that list select one by one.

@_FTTX , Will this be helpful to you, Is further help needed??

Thanks it worked great

thank you @_FTTX …If you satisfy with the answer please mark solution there by others can use it…

Yes, I will append a lot of information and publish it for everyone to benefit from

That’s great youvare creative but i have problems when i make it can you entering JSON programming language to read the rest of numbers when the user entering the id from the first row by the did i mention that i have done what you write but it didn’t work and thank you for your help

If you

Second text box use this code
Select B,C,D,E,F,G where A matches ’

code, definitely it will extract all the values from the B,C,D,E,F,and G matching with A coulmn.

Here is the another question arise, You want to show all the value in same lable or diffrent lable?

If you look deeper in the above post, I extracted the 1st value in label one…

IF you want it to extract in various label use the same block but changing the number

I did and that what show up when i install the app and write an id from google sheets
Syntax error: quote in unquoted cell can not parse text argument to list from csv table as aCSV-formatted table by the way me to beginner

can you send your aia or selected screen (as ais file) through PM

Can you show that you are using the app in Kodular else you would have to have asked in the App Inventor community?

Oh, i forget to ask this question,As asked by @Peter … Yes yes… tell to us