Spreadsheet component, How to make a search box?

Hi there
I need help to finish my app
I have data and i want to make search box and give result for one id I don’t want to show all data .
I made half but my problem now how to separation between row number and vale
I am waiting from you

You can use an extension by Jewel.
Advance Search System - Find Multiple List Item [List Addons] [Extension] [FREE] - Extensions - Kodular Community

A simple search on community will take you to this:

To do this you dont need spreadsheet component just follow this post.

sorry guys but I don’t want to use list view i want by label :frowning_face:

If you look into tha above link , you can extract what you want from the spreadsheet , either in one row or two or more. I m using it without any problems

Do you want to search by row number or by ID (which is a cell value) ?

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I try but need coding

If i play in row number i will get result and i dont know what i do next :frowning_face: