Get a value in a specific column and row in Spreadsheet

Good Morning,
I am using Airtable for an application that records users’ emails and some information that is presented in a table. What I would like to know is how to receive a specific row and column in the application.


In this case I would like to put in a text box “Information from 3” but since there are users registering all the time, the app doesn’t know what the “Row Number” is.
Thank you.

You can use get row block or get column block of the spreadsheet component

And to find out any specific user you can get all the data and compare it with any text or directly read the text via index

Thank you very much, I will try it.
I’ll tell you in a moment.

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But, in “Get Row” you need to write the “Row Number” to receive it.

So what you exactly want… Please give a detailed info so we can help you

What I want is to get, from the row “[email protected]” the data from the Info column and put it in a text box. (In the example of the image)

Getting a specific content is not possible but you can use the read all data or whatever the name of the block is for reading all data and can store the data in variables whichever matches the specific data you want

Ok, thanks!

You can refer to this topic

One last question, is there a way to do something similar to what I want to do in Kodular with other block?

Getting all data and filtering it using if condition block

Thank you very much for your information and attention!

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What have you tried until now… Show the blocks if you are doing something wrong so we may be able to correct you

I have not tried, I have already had to do two posts about Spreadsheet, because, I did not understand it very well. Thank you!

You can try this:

Change the date to the column value you need

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