How to get data Row by Row from Airtable

How do I get data from each row in airtable and get every cell data in unique label.


Getting data as like:
label 1 = 120, label 2 = 50, label 3 = 3000, label 4 = 90,
label 5 = 152 …then 100, 50000, 250… so on!

Use get All row method

Use dictionary method to convert every col into separate list

Use dynam comp to set text according to length of the list

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Can you please provide blocks ??

When spreadsheet got all row, capture every col into separate list using this block

Check now.
Instead of label use set global colA list

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It fetch all cells of column A but I want every cell data individually.

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use for each number from to by block or for each items from the list

(if possible) Please provide blocks because I’m troubling for 3 days in same problem.

actually how mny row you will use?

about 7 to 10 Rows only

as a demo i have used 20 rows… check up Do you wwant to gt like this? or want to display one by one??

i want to get one by one (cell wise - either in row or column)

1201, 1202, 1203 (either like this by column)
1201, AbC001, Name001 (or like this - by ROW)

as possible as you can do, but please provide blocks

see, the main work is, just get list… In the above scenario i get the list and print immediatly…

But if i wan to display one by one, then i want to use clock component…

I repeat the above set up will print the result as soon it get result from airtable… One by one want to print mean, must use clock component with 1sec or 100 ms as interval

what you want to do? Can you acheive it by yourself?

Can you achieve it by yourself?
I think NO, because I try this for 3 days,

and if you have another easy method for it then please tell me !

what about Get Cell and Got Cell ? (i know this is lengthy but I’m ready for it)

like this?? Printing via row by row… Sorry if i understand you wrong

or want to print only one col like this as you mentioned in the prev post?

No, Actually I want every individual cell value, either from row ---->
or by Column |

try to understand this

As i said this is your design… I have created only one label via dynamic component extension… But in your case it seems you are adding the component in designer part. Dont Do.

I suggest you get values, store it in variable and do the remaining thing as your trick

and i am displaying the values one by one like this


or share a sample aia, let we fix it

Main idealogy get list first then do whatever you want with less blocks

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