Urgent Help Required to Retrieve data From Google Sheet

Consider me a Newbie
A am making an App to store and show data of the employees of my organization, I have finished designing part, most of blocks part but stuck on the main screen, I’ll explain the purpose and working of app below

  1. the app’s Main screen has three text boxes, one search button and a show list component under it
  2. Contacts are stored in a google sheet as such that Names are in column A, Designation in Column B and District in Column C, while Cell number 1 is in column D and Cell number 2 is in Column E
  3. I want user to type Name, District and Designation in the given three text boxes and upon pressing the search button I want the app to do so
    i) text input in textbox 1 shall be search in column A of the sheet
    ii) text input in text box 2 shall search the column B of the sheet
    iii) text input in text box 3 shall search the column C of the sheet
    and if all three or some of those match the result with name, designation, district and cell number 1 and cell number 2 available in the column D and E respectively shall be shown in the results,

things I have done
I have installed various Google Sheet extensions but I am unable to get the correct one, if anyone has any extension which matches my requirement kindly do comment
I have tried Gviz method but its too complicated and as I told you I am totally newbie, I couldnt do so
I am not the owner of organization but just a worker trying to make an app to help fellow workers so please dont ask me about budget, it will be a free to use app
If you can help, please do guide and If you can help me with the blocks coding I can provide you the aia file, do help me, I am confused and stuck
the screenshot of the blocks part of main screen is attached herewith