Get column from Google Spreadsheet with extension

I want to get a column from my google spreadsheet. But I am not sure how to do it.
I have tried both ways-
Through Web
Through extension

If anyone knows, please tell.

Here is the aia project, the kocl script, and also the table that you can test and work on. It is also open that anybody can see

See examples


can you share us what you have tried…? Let we correct where the mistake you commit…

What is tbQuery text in the blocks in the first image in the link?

That is a textbox where you will enter your query to send to the spreadsheet, for example:


would return all the items in Column D

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When I click on Students List Button, I have set it to initialize ColinTreeListView, but nothing happens and the app freezes.

These are the blocks:

Two times you are using same web url but in the get block alone is getting different. Pls see here

Also no need to use this block at here

It is recommended to uriEncode the SELECT statement for more complex queries, therefore it is best to include it by default.

Please use list from CSV table to text at here and try. Try to remove split text block too

I tried List View with Image to get the data from the Spreadsheet, but it only shows 4 records and the space between the items is very much.

Here is the screenshot of the spreadsheet:

Here are the blocks:

Here is the app screenshot:

I tried as you said. It solved the gap problem, but now I am getting ( ) brackets and no image.

Here are the blocks:

And here is the result:

Use for each item block and in the index use number.
For name index as 1
For image index as 5

see my gsheet , blocks and app response<spreadsheet ID>/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&sheet=Sheet1




@shashank , You can avoid multiple blocks . Just by using minimum blocks we can achieve our need.

Wow… 1303 rows…
Try this aia gsheetcolmn.aia (9.3 KB)
fill in your spreadsheet_id and see the results.

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