HELP for input google Sheet

Hello, I want to ask how to enter data into a google sheet by selecting the column that i want to input text?

e.g. I want to start with columns C, F, and H

Can you elaborate more? Want to send data from app to gsheet?

Plenty of guides you and solved topics in community… if you spend some time immediately you will get it

If so you can use gviz method of calling only specific col from gsheet to app as csv format

i want text input from kodular apps to google sheet by prefixing column B / Tanggal (Date)

Yeah possible. Please search in community or read this article by @TimAi2

can you tell me the steps are simpler, I’m sometimes confused. or you can show the script and block to show me with the aim of directing the input text directly to Column B, without going to column A

Please help…

  1. Visit the above web link

  2. Copy all the scripts

  3. Open the target sheet>scripts>paste all>delpoy

  4. Go to block section.

  5. If you are having 5 textboxes, create one local variable (name as data) make a list (5 fields) add the textbox1 text, and so on…

  6. When button click
    Add the above said local variable)
    Set web url to

This will write datas into Col B

and 1 more, how can i display User Name (GSheet) from startvalue (screen1) ID_Karyawan to display user name (second screen with Dashboard name) … so take data from ID_Karyawan (Screen1) to display user name (on Dashboard) according to the ID in Screen1


so I want to show user on Dashboard screen from start value ID in Screen1
do you know how?

Hey that’s too very simple , use gviz method based in this guide (once again by @TimAi2 )

At the end just use
Select B,C where A=‘id number’

Id number , you can use call Tinydb to call the ID value of the tag

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