Help for Google Sheet Input Text

How can TIME LOGOUT be aligned with others based on ID (Account login from database) ?

I use appendRow the result is like in the picture…

so my application is logged on screen1… after that it is directed to the Dashboard (screen2) there is a logout button… I want to take the time to be input parallel to the TIME LOGIN with that ID


What will happen suppose if he close the app without login??

Loggin time just save in tinydb
When he press log out, now save the value login, logout, I’d in gsheet

So proper way of signout records only will be saved

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can i see how the blocks work?

As per my suggestion, user logged in and logged out will write in gsheet only at the time of peoper logout button click

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i see, but how do you say if the application is closed… no data will be input later… do you know how to lock the logged in application, when exiting the application and opening the application again it is still logged in

Tinydb only is the answer

btw, Do you know how to get the text input to fill the empty column in the row? other than using appendRow ?

Then you should use apps script to fill the particular cell easily .

Google sheet for app inventor metric ai2

Upon searching in google the best guide was explained by @TimAi2 (tired of repeating :smiley: ) will show . You can try that or you can use spreadsheet extension

Or else use this script

You have to be update the cell value not using the appendRow. appendRow will create a new row ( line ) every time.

You have to get your users row number then you can combine with the sheet column letter. I hope it helped for you.

i have problem, the auto login function works, but why is there always an error like this?



Error clearly says, your app current screen either title field or sub title field is empty. Kindly fill it , recompile and try

Sorry, where can I add titles and subtitles? is it here? I’m confused

Screen sub title? Scroll down… you will see the heading

Yes, make sure Title also contains text…

Now recompile into apk and test

Have you found a way to write in google sheet both login and logout??

I am having another idea but based on the script code only… there by you can do it. No need to send data only logout .

why am I still getting an error, even though I have changed the title

I haven’t found it yet… how do I do it? only logout

can you check it… is there still something wrong… the error text always appears again

I didn’t face any error

Relog_1.aia (812.9 KB)

insert id 888888 password 888888, then click the login button, an error message will appear