How to call / Search data from AirTable in Kodular?

Hey everyone,
I’m creating a contacts app with pre-saved contacts, my goal is to create such an app where employees of my organization could search contact number of any other employee and their posting station, I have collected all the data and made an AirTable sheet, where there are these Columns with stored data
Name, Cadre, District, Posting, Court, Cell Number 1,Cell Number 2
Function I want is, that when a user types any of the above in Search box, i.e.,name of an employee or District or Cadre etc, the matching rows shall be displayed in results, how can I achieve this? Please help me, consider me a newbie, I’m trying this for almost a month and still stuck on this point
If anyone can share AIA of the similar app, it’ll be much appreciated
Thanks in advance

use filter by formula method

ref Text box Airtable - #10 by Still-learning