Simple Search Function ( Colin Tree + Airtable Data ) Free AIA Download

this is a basic search function where the data is stored in the airtable database.

Component Used -

  • Colin tree extension
  • Spinner
  • Textbox
  • button
  • Vertical Scroll arrangement
  • Spreadsheet
  • Space

Database structure is given below -

image image

App screenshot -

Download AIA - Download AIA
Sample APK - airtableSearch.apk (4.6 MB)
search only those words which i have shown in the database structure images

If you want to add something more in this then you have to do it yourself. Coz its open source. And i am not getting PAID…


What do you think about this one:

Nice work…
Keep it up…:heart_eyes:


Thanks…thanks a lot…i will try it…hope this helpful for me…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I knew it…
You were looking for AIA file.
But be careful while modifying it.Because if you do not use logic it will become useless.



how to do when i select samsung galaxy s10 and it will display all row belong to samsung galaxy s10?
hope you can advise to me. just advise on block.

blocks are already there… just change the concept… right now its on button click. change it to spinner selection.


as i am tested from your apps, when click on list items, it will come with notification of items but how to changed to all row relevant to the list?

use the selected item index to fetch data from airtable. i just made a simple search option… you have to make the adjustment according to your need

Thank you!!!

It served me a lot !!!

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search function is working but how do i do when it select a colum it will select all row relevant to him. for example here (screen shoot) i select user “jabir” and i want it select row belong to him such as icnumber, telephone and Alamat. hope you can advice.


you have to store all those columns values in a global variable and then use the index no to fetch the details


global variable something like below? and index also using that block?
the variable does not work even i add end of url (export?format=csv)

no not like this… you have to store the whole cloumn data in a variable by using airtable got column block.

you have example?

initialise global variable “AbC” to create empty list

When airtable got column
Set global AbC to get values

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atleast try 1st… i am not here to give you the complete answer. search the forum to know how the airtable component works. there are many apps made with spreadsheet component.

or try @Deepanshu_Arya way. that is the example you need.


i have search, nothing similar what i want. my background is not apps just try new thing, it might easier for you but for someone else probably an alien when you talk about variable, sql statement and other stuff.
something like this?

for starter i’ll suggest you to take some time to study the system, how airtable works. you can download my free projects from my site -

or search my profile in this forum - Profile - techcvr - Kodular Community

well i can only understand the block you using while your tutorial in india language. how can i understand?. Thank you for your advise.

im not asking you check my tutorials, go to my site or my kodular profile and check the apps i made using airtable component. i think you will get the concept.