Simple Search Function ( Colin Tree + Airtable Data ) Free AIA Download

I wanted to know how after showing the items by clicking on them make them open the items in the next column.

Galaxy s10 > When you click open a link from the side column> For example a URL with galaxy s10 information.

I would love to understand how to do this, if anyone can show and I would be very happy.

Could someone show what the codes look like?

i made this app as open source, so maybe you can wait for other developers to contribute in this. or if you want my personal help then send me a PM. personal help is chargeable.

OK, thank you for the attention.


can show an example in block. Appreciated you help

It is very simple, I think you didn’t try. If you will keep asking for blocks you will not learn anything.
but since you asked for blocks here they are:


maybe you can refer my block. I will share what ever i know. no charge. :slight_smile:

thanks man

i did all the steps to get the passowrd to download including subscribing in your telegram and I could find any passowrd really sad!

Alright this is really scummy. To get the password you need to click on an ad. Like, bruh, what?
By the way, any url works. So please don’t click on ads and just type :slight_smile:

EDIT: In the page source you can see that it only checks whether the input is a URL or not


You don’t even have to type just type https:// that’s it. I have been trying something strange with google ads system. So this is all an experiment. Download code concept is changed time to time. So I can try new things…

Thanks @Mateja for searching the source code.

I use

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