Airtable query pls help

Suppose in airtable i store
Customer id

Now when user open app all its data should be shown According to his customer id in cardview
All data means if there are 25 rows with that customer id… All the data in that will show

use colin tree list view and set it inside card view, there are tutorials on youtube for colin tree list view usage with airtable

I already seen it.
But i want to show data according to customer id…
Of all rows data

try to make something first, if you stuck somewhere we will help, let me suggest you something

use firebase to store customer id as a bucket and all its data under tags, so when you want data for a customer set project bucket to customer id and call data

You can create different Tables for different Customer Id and call Airtable Table Name as Customer Id and then when a customer open the app with his id then he/she can see only his/her data.

You can do that in this way:
In airtable
Sort all rows according to customer id in ascending or descending order.

In app
Just get all rows or column.As it is already sorted you do not have to anything.

Use list utils extension to sort list.

I want to use only airtable… And u r not understanding my query…
Suppose there are 50 records with samne customer id then all records should be shown…

Suppose in your user app your cust. Id is 1234
Then there should be data of only your customer id

It is quite hard to do with Airtable because you have to do something like this:

  • Get all customer Id
  • Check for a particular I’d
  • Now get all rows which have that particular Id

And it is impossible with firebase because you can not add new value with an existing tag.
This is very easy to do with MySql.
You have to run a query like this-
Select *from database name where customer Id=id
And it will get a CSV table text with all users having that id.

But now i had already set up with airtable… Pls help me out with some blocks

No,not at all directly.
First you have to show what you have tried.
Maybe others can help directly by giving you blocks or aia file.

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I had made block to call column customer id but how to check for particular id

I am sure this one is going to help you:sweat_smile:

This only search function… I get customer id column… Why u didnt tell me how to check for particular id and display all data​:rage::rage::rage:

I have to say once again

after that I can help you.

See i just try this… Here i dont know how to check for particular id and display all

this is what you have tried…??? is this a joke… you just added only 3 blocks, now you saying that the logic not working…

use if condition to check the customer id you need to display data, if customer id found then add data to list item and then show that list data in card view or colin tree list view…

That i didn’t know where to use if condition… Pls help me with some block… I m here to get help…

looks like you joined kodular recently, so i think you didnt have the concepts of how to make apps properly, so i suggest you to start from basic apps, then move to complex login part…

and dont expect a complete answer, the answer you need is mentioned above in my comment. use that logic inside **got column ** block. now go try and come again with the updated blocks. then i will help you.

This will list all your customer ID.
Now you can find the Row Number of that particular ID from the values list [Use Index in list block to do that]
And now you can get that row you want.
Hope this is what you were finding