Retrieve data from Airtable


I want to retrieve data from Air table based on 1st column Data .
I want when detail of first column is filled than row should be shown on screen.
Please tell me how to do that without knowing the row number.

When I enter that number which is present in column Ref then I want to get all the corresponding data starting from name to so on…
Please help me @Alapjeet @idietherdave

Not good at Airtable… But i know one person let me mention him @asimjib93 help him…

get data with help of get columns, and when data received and stored to lists, use is in list item, and id it comes true, then use get index of item in list, and item will be that(user id or device id) which you have assigned for user, and in list( which you have got and stored for first column) and that index number you can use to get data with help of cell or from stored column list.

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Can you please share be blocks for this I am little bit confuse …
Please help me

show me what you have tried, because i think there are many topics on this also exist in community, i also have shared blocks before, so let us know what you have tried.

after trying I have deleted that all because I was Unable to do

In every row Columns are also not fixed

then try digging in to posts, as i said search, so here it is a search list of related posts,


and a tip, if you have any empty cell or row in airtable, you will not get any data so make sure to fill all rows/cells before calling data

With this I mean that some of users columns are upto 10 only and some users can contain data upto 20 also

@ImranTariq What I want is not present in your shared link I think you do not understand me properly what I wants

then try using your words to find, because i remember i have answered this same question multiple times, have you tried searching?

Yes I have tried it already but unable to get

if your users have multiple data entry like one user have 10, and other have 20 then you cant leave those 10 cells empty, database will not return any data if you leave any single cell empty, and tell me how you are storing that ref? means how you create that for every user?

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That will be written by user and subuser can use same ref so that same number of ref will be shown multiple time…

this is not a good idea because there is always a sense to use, how do you compare data for 2 or more users with same id? what if a user A has id 123 and user B also has same 123, and when you compare to get index of B, it will get data of A.

I want to get data of both

id must be different for every user, like gmail, yahoo and all others, id cant be same, because users always can be recognized by a different id, method of get index from list will always work for only first user, if there any same in list he will not go check that. please first correct your idea, then maybe someone can help.

Is there not ant way by which I can get same id multiple time

User A & User B are not going to put same data, right? So if you set User A & User B with same ID, how will you differentiate them?

And it’s not yet clear to me what you mean by getting same ID multiple times.

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