I do not understand why my search does not work :(

When clicking on search in the application it shows the duplicate items more at least this working when clicking on a name open a link next to it in the table … Only the search does not work, could someone help? I want to create a search bar using the airtable in which when searching for a name it shows the result and clicking it opens the link in the next column.

I even had a headache trying to do this, I wanted to understand and learn how to do it.
I used google translator to write this.

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What I can see that you are using 1 variable for more than one function.
You should create three variable.

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Thanks for the tip, in case it would be one for the search button and another two stop the spreadsheet? Tomorrow I’ll test, maybe I’m not putting them in the right place either.

I’m trying to do this by looking at videos on YouTube, but there’s no teaching to do with airtable and then clicking open the next column item.

I would like to learn and the main reason to understand the logic so that it works, I will test what you said the most I think I will end up giving up​:disappointed:

I just wanted to find a tutorial … After all, the search bar is fundamental.:sleepy::cold_sweat::worried:

This can help you:

So, I’ve tried this one but it only serves to show what it has in the table, I would like that after fetching the item when clicking on the item it returns the value of the next column.

This is what I’ve been trying to understand, to learn.
Example: When searching for example by Samsung Galaxy S3 when clicking on it open the Samsung website with information from him … That I can not find in any corner teaching.

You are using spreadsheet 1 to get column of name and link.
Change it to spreadsheet2.

Load data on a label and see that all data is loading or not.

Already tried and if I do this when clicking it does not return the value of column 2.

Can you share an apk?

When spreadsheet 1 get column( name) it set list to values and again you are getting value of link column that will delete values of list and set list to links.
And when button is clicked it will clear list and get data of link column and when value is got it will set list to values and do search.In the if condition it will add links that match query to list which means some of the links will be duplicated.
So now…
What do you want???

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Teste.apk (4.6 MB)

Here it is…
And this is a real mess, every time I change something it gets worse :joy::disappointed_relieved:

The thing I want most is learning to make it work.

I swore he was joining, name + links…
So how do I search for names and click on a result to open the next column?
Thank you very much.

No one can do?

I think you have created an infinite loop every time spreadsheet1 will get data it will get data of column link using spreadsheet1 column.
So this will continue until application crashes or user exits application.
What I can suggest?
Change name to spreadsheet 2 of block used in spreadsheet1

and create a new variable list2 and use it for storing links.
And when I tested your app it is not working.

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Thank you so much, I will try later.

Unsuccessful … I changed Spreadsheet1 and the variable to see if it worked at all.

thank you anyway.

So now what…
You should check api key and base id and other details.
Also try to work with other base and account.

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