Search bar list picker

Hi Guys,

i am tring to use list picker search bar but seem it only go to index no 1.

any suggestion? below is my block


Try to get selected item’s index in list.

can you show example in block? i did not get you.

I mean this:

blocks (45)


search go well but it only display number from the list. what i want value from airtable when i select from drop down numbers.

Can you elaborate more your question?

i got list in airtable column name as Icnumber. when i search any number in column, it should select value from column Nama also. maybe screen shoot below will understand you better.


Maybe this is what you are looking for:

i did try to this one but did not similiar.

only problem with search. same block at thunkable working well but kodular offered better component, so why i try to continue work in kodular.