Index is change after search with colintreelist view

I need help,
I have a app in that when I search file and click it then another file is open.

It means you are not getting proper index number. Recheck slowly. Use label and debug it

i have tried from last two days

Did you try by this method to get proper index number ?

If this method not works mean post your blocks we will suggest you what you need to do

i did this

Here is the mistake

what must be there

To give you even more fine please answer this one.

In the global main list for search, How many items are there ? If you use data from airtable how many columns you are using?

In a Airtable there are 2 column, 1st is name and other is File.
but in global list for search there is only File name (2nd column).

So in your search list global name also is the and filename also is there. But if you separate both into single variable then you can use this block without any problem and you will get the required file while you search

How can user search then. ? Confusing us… you wanna search with filename…? Also if you Json Tools it will take time to load data from airtable. Better follow this link

like this file name shows

can I access pdf, and open it

Yes possible by using this extension

is it not possible to solve my problem, as in this situation, with Json, airtable, colintree…

If user search you need to get proper index number. it is possible by matching any one list. But in your global search list two items are there so i dont think it will give you proper index number… Airtable is not opening here, If not i may try from my side and will let you know

there is no need of 1st column, i just want to show file and file name (2nd column)

Is this your app?

How do you set thumpnail?

Just now i set complete blocks and trying to open pdf within the app

yes its mine, all set by using my basic knowledge.