Colintree element click?

How to make both avtivity in one?

Mean, you want to do the same activity on both Event block Or both clicks??
If yes then make a procedure take a variable in it and put your activity starter code to procedure and call the procedure on the both event ocurrs.

both event on single click

But on both event the blocks are same so the function will be same on both click then why?

when click on element file open but when click on extra button there is error-List index smaller than on.
and if after search when click on extra button then file will open.

check these also

Why you don’t use elementIndex variable directly as index. You don’t need to write index set code.
Like this

that will solve indexing problem.

I also dont know exacyly. You should try first.

No he will not get it. It will work if user didn’t use search option. If user uses search option and clicks mean, he will get wrong file. This procedure will gives him exact file even without use search option or without use of search option. This blocks was provided to him when he was used search option.

First you cross check what type of content present in main list for search as well as global URL list. Then only it will work.

I am sure there is problme with your variable list only. My suggestion is, you need to create file name and attachment URL as a separate lists, then only user can search the file name in the text box . Also at the same time you need to match the excat file name as per user query. It is not possible with your block.

I repeat, you need to get attachement URL and filename as a separate list from airtable

how to do this?

I have followed different extension to extract file url, thumbnail and all. I think already added that

Follow this url and try to get file url from the fields variable

this will work properly only after searching, before search there is error of List index smaller than 1

I feel don’t want to increase the comment here, if possible come to personal message to clear your doubts

I hope your problem is due to this… Please check up and correct it. you can use the element index in only one place

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