Search option without change index with colin tree listview

Hello I am coming to you to find help on my project: an offline application which is based on a list made with colin tree listview and a search function.

The problem is that the search function changes the index to me and I cannot open the correct file with InApp PDF because the index is set on the main list and not on the search list.

Do you have a solution for me because several tutorials exist but not for the colin tree blocks ??!!


This is a classic error with Index in list. There are most Topic about that.

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these tutorial shows the solution with the list of text and image by breaking down the lists: 1 for the image 1 for the title and 1 other for the subtitles.
I can not apply this method with colin tree how to apply it to colin tree ?!


Do you know where and why this problem happens? I see no difference between what I showed you and your problem.

Mother List
Index Title Image
1 aaaaa algo.png
2 bbbbb outro.png
3 ccccc nenhumpng
4 ddddd algum.png

You Type “alg”
New List
Index Title Image
1 aaaaa algo.png
2 ddddd algum.png

I’m trying to understand but as a basic beginner could you explain to me with blocks that you tell me knowing well that it will take you time…

All my application is list based which opens pdf files without internet connection

What are you doing in that block marked in red? It will not work. He keeps the indexes. Have you thought about saving the name of the pdf files? And in the other loop, open the name of the PDF file you saved in this new list?

I understand that the block that you have surrounded does not keep the index and that is the problem but the rest is beyond me completely!

So, what is it storing? Think that…

I am in smartphone , on the street.

After finding the solution I publish it because if it can help someone

If you wish to have a pdf document call for a specific item in a list and that we can do a search to find the item faster here is the procedure for the document call and if you have questions go I will help you with pleasure

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