Get index from list

Hello coders,
I have coming up a problem in my app where I get a list of username then If tinydb item matched with list item list then. I get index of that item then i call cell of another columns of that table and used that Index. then I get text.


If any Mistake is there then please tell me

What is the problem u r facing?

While this data is coming, I started a Notifier which is showing that data is loading and that Notifier is not dismissed

Show ur complete blocks, u need to set dismiss notifier block in coding

Ok i am going to download it

Here are the image of block click on the link


U need to set dismiss progress dialogue(one of notifier blocks) in got cell block and this works only if item found in tinyDB and the process forward to get cell block, if item not found in tiny db process stops at got coloumn block so u need to set dismiss notifer at if function on else option

Check this


Not working, there is any mistake in getting username i think but i can’t find

Show ur blocks

Here are the blocks

Updated blocks

This should solve notifier problem, still notifier problem is there?

What I have to change.

How u stored tiny db?

Btween is notifier problem solved?

Why are you adding + 1?

When user fill his/her name in the textbox then click on button then store value in tinydb and airtable then open another screen

Now i remove that +1 but still not working

If anyone have rooted their phone , then they may change the value

Your value is in string or int

In tinydb with tag name ‘username’ what is the value u stored a list or a text?