Get index from list

There user have No option to change value

Cheat droid

Tag = username
Value = textbox text

You may make a sample aia and share it so that anyone can help you

Note : Value if not found is string and you are adding plus one

I am getting all data from airtable colums

Try showing tinydb stored data blocks too

Ok now i will upload here


And check tinydb stored tags

Ok i am going upload it here

Block when storing data in tinydb

Storing data in tinydb

When getting data

Also show your airtable

Max record 500000 max record , should not be more than 1200 then airtable will not fetch it and then if airtable cannot fetch then how can it compare and store on tiny db

Then should I change that?

Change max record to 1200 and remove set notice index to +1

I had already removed that set +1 index now i am going share airtable then i will change mai records to 1200

Note : There should not any empty cell in aitable

Working or not ?

Here are the airtable images

Airtable image

It should be working