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Hey Koders, Nikhil here,
And i’m back with my new guide in which we will see that how can we secure our data if it is stored offline.
But Remember one thing that Everything is Hack-able but Instead of having no Security it but better to Increase Security
Basically we will learn about How we can embed custom Encryption?
So in this guide i’ll take very simple example… Before moving to blocks lets understand some basic concepts…

What you need?

  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Logic Building
  • Patience until you understand this guide because the guide will be little bit conceptual…

What is Encryption and Decryption?

Encryption is a transformed type of genuine information where only the authorised parties or admin know how to read it, so if somebody has access to these files they would still not be able to understand the message in it.
Decryption is taking encoded or encrypted text or other data and converting it back into text you or the computer can read and understand

Let have a look that how encryption will help you to secure data?
Below I have given video that how its easy to hack data when you will have no encryption.

Before Encryption…

After Encryption

as you have seen that point is not edited in app also in the end the value0 you saw is you point but stored in encryted form…

How Encryption works?

So according to above video I have replaced every digit with pair strings of length 3. You may understand more easily by following example -

Below is list every digit I’m Replacing with…

1 = asd
2 = nms
3 = wed
4 = frt
5 = ghy
6 = jui
7 = kio
8 = lop
9 = zas
0 = xdd

So from above library, We will easily read following value that was stored in app

So wedxddxdd will be also written like this
wed = 3
xdd = 0
xdd = 0

therefore we will conclude that value is 300.

but now if you have question that it is hacked so what about security then answer is… user don’t know the library you used only admin knows so it will be easy to hack for admin. Also I am using very easy encryption…

Lets proceed to block


We will see all the procedure part by part…


On Screen Intialization

So on screen initialization we are refreshing value stored in Points tag by passing encrypted value to procedure GetPoints for Decryption… So if anybody changes values in points then it will we useless as data is being refreshed. Now if you have question that if we change encrypted value then points will be increased… so for that not everyone knows your library so it will not be easy to change for them and if they changes encryted value with pair other than library then while decryption you can detect it making some logic…


From the following procedure we will get number or points back.

In above procedure we will pass encrypted text to get our point back, For example if we paas asdxdd then it will return 10.

Encrypting points

From the Above procedure we will get Encrypted text for any number…

How adding works?

From above block you may be question why we are not taking points tag directly while adding.
so i would like to tell you that there are some app that are used to change app data during runtime… so suppose while you do redemption in your app and user changes value of point tag during runtime then it will be hacked but if we take refreshed data then it will not be that easy.
Means We must have to do all operation with encrypted value for more Security

I’ll suggest one thing always create your own encryption as you can see following which creates new tag for every digit


Encryption.aia (5.2 KB)


Encryption.apk (5.0 MB)

What we can encrypt Encrypt?

  • API keys… and credential info
  • Saving payment related values
  • even security methods too(will be released soom)

Also follow this

If you are hacker and want to team up to help me securing app then pls follow below post

For more ideas read this

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You this guide helped you like the guide…

Hope you understand!!


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it is Very Good, Easy and Helpful Guide.

But instead of Using Predefined Keys -

What if it Generates a Random 3Digit Key to Encrypt Value.

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The concept is great :+1:, but blocks can be simplified using dictionary and replace all mappings.


yes i know that but if i use that i this guide then it will be more tough to explain also tough to understand for user


WOOOW COOOL AND SIMPLE LOGIC!! :grinning: :grinning:

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yes i know but it will be not be that easy to used explain also not everyone uses dictionary even i am not that good in using dictionary

Hello! But there is also a simple way to do that. Just encrypt the data using cryptography component and save data, then just decode it while opening again. This is one of the simple way.

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May be its simple but its easy to decrpyt for many hacking apps as i have used a app around 3 year ago in which there was checking it library to detect which encryption is being also have option to decrypt…

also is does lists all encrypting libraries but according to me custom will be perfect


I will just encrypt the data around 5 to 7 times, then I will be impossible right? Using AES 256 which is most secure.

i don’t perfect answer for this
but i will decrypt data until it will not be in readable form :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

there are still lots of way…

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Hi guys
I am here to present my asymmetric cryptography extension :crazy_face:

I am not saying that you should use it in your app but I would like to mention here that it is the most secure method to encrypt data.
Even whatsapp uses asymmetric encryption kind of encryption.
It is okay to use @nikzdreamer2001’s method if you are not collecting sensitive information but if you do that then it is highly recommended to use asymmetric encryption.


Modified with dictionary :wink:
Added some basic encryption :grinning:

Screen.ais (5.9 KB)



You know the encryption method but can’t decrypt without private key.
Use some thing different like.
0 p-r
1 @rez&y
2 &u
Means some numbers of five chars or some two with special characters i know thats difficult to decrypt and takes big logic to decrypt but its un predictable.


Is dangerous app installed
But this can detect only 12 known apps

The very same idea that i used to create my own secret language in my childhood :joy::joy::joy:
Good idea but… :point_down:

Btw Asymmetric encoding is more powerful
As in your second thread this was hacked very easily and the hacker even told you that how you are encrypting data… But in asymmetrical encryption the private secret key plays the best against decryption.

Good Work @nikzdreamer2001 :+1::+1::+1:

i said that that was simple idea and not too much algo is used

also encrypting encryted text will have more security

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