HackTest - Steps toward increasing Security

Hi everyone,
So this topic is mainly for increasing security in app,
There are lots of user facing problem in securing app…

HackTestV1 -
HackTest.apk (5.0 MB)

What’s the bug?
During Runtime if value is cleared or length increase then it give runtime error

HackTestV2 -
HackTestV2.apk (5.0 MB)

On what we are working : Securing Data



Keep In Mind Nothing Is Hack Proof In This World


yes but securing thing is quite better option than having no security

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I Think Two Step Will Be Hacked Your App
Step 1
Phrase Your APK And Remove Permissions Of Network Wifi Access

Step 2
Change The Value Of The Label Using APKHACKER There Is Many Tools In Internet To Change Value Of Any Thing

give it a try and data is stored offline

i would like to request to to try to hack it pls

@Srrazmi WIll you do?
it wil be a team work…

Ok I Will Try When I Will Be Free

Thank you so much brotherr
but don’t forget to try

I Think You Should Try Yourself By Downloading This Apps

It should be #off-topic

I don’t have rooted android…

We are discussing here…
I thought to put it in off topic but it’s team work and have to discuss every app

Did offtopic

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hey @Srrazmi,
i have tried using lucky patcher but not got any way to edit point as found that its to patch ads, purchases etc…

so basically the app i provided is mainly for changing points

Are you using tinydb?

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Yes!! I have used tinydb

I still managed to hack it. Nice work tho.
Took me for more than an hour.

That’s cool… Means trick working not completely but little bit…
If You can share that we all will try to use some logic…

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