HackTest - Steps toward increasing Security

Yes It’s Change On Runtime

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it means it it secure because my every work is done by encrypted data…

btw Which app have you used to hack it

Anyone who can change source code can hack it easily :joy:

And As You Know Changing Source Code Is Not So Difficult

but have a messy loops will somehow frustrate the code changer

HackTEst V2

HackTestV2.apk (5.0 MB)

try this
What to test?
change securitypatch value to blank

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You can also use ALT + 255 code :wink:

thats also good

Remember to use Encryption wherever its possible then also It can be Hacked :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Again i’d like to say that

Securing something is better than having no security

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Pls answer these you can say its a small survey

1. Which app do you use to hack app?
i am asking this so that firstly i can test from my side otherwise i’d have to wait every time to let you test

2- Will it be good to continue on this project? and if root needed then type root before name
Asking this because when i’l test my app and when i provide it here then you will have to test it too.

  • Yes :ok_hand:
  • No :yawning_face:

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please provide your relevant Answer below
Also post a short tutorial about how to use it… even you can send youtube video too.


Lucky Patcher, Virtual Exposed

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Yes , because we can get some tips to upgrade security of our app

Would you like to send a tutorial video personally so that i can test it by own

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I never hacked your app I generally use this

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okay fine.
but do you know what the main use of both app.

like there are some app that changes value during runtime,some do changes in code and so on.

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Lucky Patcher for in app purchase and many things
Virtual exposed I used last to click screenshot where I was not allowed and to play pubg lite when it was not realsed in india

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i have used lucky patcher once and root is need in it
but what about virtual exposed?

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Virtual Exposed uses

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