How to improve the security of a Kodular app?

I wish this was a guide - and I intend to make one after learning some things in this topic and doing some extra research - but for now it is only a question.

I would like to know tips to turn our apps more safe.

For example, I heard a login system using label and textbox that compare the data typed by the user with data stored in an online database could be easily hacked by someone with access to the network, like when the user is using someone else’s wifi for example.

The app can be more easily hacked if the user is using a rooted smartphone too, or an emulator, or if ADB Debugging is enabled.
Also, I have already seen some guides teaching how to create online database using Firebase that, if not modified, allows anyone with the link of the database to access and even edit this.

Those are some of the possible breaches our apps can have. I am sure there are many more. If you know about something more that can be a risk or know how to solve or mitigate some of the risks I mentioned above please help. Let’s make Kodular apps more safe for admins and users.

Hello @almeidapablo

Not sure what videos you have seen, but below are some guides to secure your Firebase from unauthorized access

Also, there was an old extension called HackProtect(not sure if there is recently updated version present) by @cian which is able to detect if the user has a rooted device or is ADB enabled or detect any emulator if user is using any. It also offers many other methods through which we can make our app more secure
Link :point_down:

These are some ways which I can suggest to increase the security of your app but I also know that there are some malicious minds who just keep on finding new ways to use our apps in an unauthorised manner and trouble us and that is really disappointing :slightly_frowning_face:

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Oh man, thanks a lot for answering. I thought I would get no answers at all.

There are many videos on Youtube teaching people not familiar to firebase how to use it that don’t focus on security. And just with that it is possible to make the app work, so many users don’t worry about making their apps more safe. Thanks for your link. They will be very helpful.

was an old extension called HackProtect(not sure if there is recently updated version present) by @cian

Yes, I already knew this extension, it is really interesting but the user seems to have abandoned the extension - and Kodular forum - a long time ago. What is really sad since he has made some nice extensions, and the worst part is that he doesn’t have a website or any other way to contact him.