Hack my app find api key

So iv have created the app and i want to test it’s security can you please find api key
Note thare is two api key two firebase url
One is fake for fool hackers
so lets find out and let me know

Something like this



@nikzdevz Can you store values in database please

No, sorry i’m not gonna do that.

Your token may be something like this

I can’t paste complete token…

@nikzdevz i think you cant find api key i said find api key and store values

no that is fake token find real token please

Okay now i’m leaving the topic.
Also a feedback app is not secure use obfuscate block to make your key and url little bit secure.

And I am not going to store any value as don’t want to much into this topic.

ok you won but can tell \me how to secure it more


Already told here

@nikzdevz it mean i have to use url in obfuscate block how can i secure api more better which extension is best

If you can create own encryption it will be best else use kodular’s obfuscation or any encryption extensio

@nikzdevz can you find airtable api key also?
Please tell me

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@All_In_Hindi it is possible to find airtable key

@HritikR What will happen if example my api is dogcattiger128 and i store value in airtable is dogcattigeur128 after i got value i will erase u and use it as api key ?

If you will erase the value from airtable. How will other users get that API key stored in airtable?

@HritikR for example my firebase api key is “lokiee” and i stored “lokfiee” and when got value i will erase “f” after that i will use it is this good?

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@nikzdevz NOW i am getting api key cfrom airtable and i am making somechanges is this secure


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I got onesignal and firebase API key and i was able to bypass the screen and able to edit tiny db values on rooted device and i changed the app package name by modifying the Dex files and app still works without checking package name and i got some obfuscated strings and these obfuscated strings values was readable at run time by reading memory and traffic capture


which software did you use