Firebase false Rule help

“rules”: {
“.read”: false,
“.write”: false

for setting of this rule what we need to be do in app to run only if properly authenticated

2nd after setting false, is there any possibilty for hacking the data

my data is hacked very easily and im surprised how will that possible ?

I searched a lot of topics but didnt get solution yet,
so i want to secure firebase database

apk editor tool can easily extract the firebase details…

You can see here:

Any one could extract you firebase data from your apk.That why you need to secure your database.So any one try to connect his access got denied.

i tried this kodular docs also their aia
but in that aia there is only sign in information and update details info, there is no info about sign up

That’s because they are using google for log in which only have sign in method.Which will create a new user as well, using his google account.That’s a kind of sign up for your app as well.

“rules”: {
“.read”: false,
“.write”: false
can app read write if this rule will set? for authenticated users

Your rules won’t allow any one to read or write any thing :sweat_smile:
As i’ve said earlier see those two guides:

i got that i need to be use
“rules”: {
“.read” : “auth != null”,
“.write” : “auth != null”,
this rule for authentication, but i nedd help for sign up of user in this case

you can ask for help here in any time.,But you can also follow this guide

It really provide what you need exactly.

i have tried that but unable to get that properly…
can you please help me to get sign up for user in authentication mode

This may help you:

I have tried this but hacker using another trick to change data because he is only able to change only his data… he is not able to edit someones data… I dont know how it will possible ? but he such doing such like this…

actually i m also using two different database… googleservices.json is only for sign up and hiddden database is used to read and write…

Im tried it alot using this already proived aia but without any changes it says permission denied…

same to same procedure i have carried out… but it again n again says permission denied.

Please , Read :

I know about firebase all components… I m working on firebase security rules to auth = user id…
but it isnt work as told in rules guide… i tried alot since a month but not working. it denied permissions
so i want correct blocking for authenticated users…

what i want just my authenticated user able to read n write their self data

according to this guide… its not working…
i tried aia also…

when i tried kodular guide aia it says (previous value was empty)

Seriously I know that…about append values in list…
I want to use firebase database in authenticated mode… I’m saying again n again… In bucket there is no empty value or empty bucket…

When rules are true… Works fine
When rules are authenticated… It says Previous value was empty

I don’t know if you understand the difference between 1) acess to whole database for any auth user ("auth != null) and 2) acces to the special place in database for the user (auth.uid == $uid) where wildcard must be used together with the bucket path.

i have used that
blocks (6)
Current user success but… data is not storing…
data stores only on read write = true,
for auth it cant work…

i have followed same as kodular guide also buckets. but still not working…