How to secure my databsae?

How can I secure my database?
A man just hacked it using the app I made using Kodukar

Please tell me the proper security rules or method.

Just set your firebase rules read true & write false…

But I want to allow app to update data, any other way?

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@Vishwas created a couple of tutorials on how to secure your Firebase database


Ok but the solution i tried is not working that’s why i said…

If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for others either.

Nor is it an excuse to provide an “insolvency,” as BetaKoder should know.

#HappyKoding :kodular:

I am not saying that method is wrong. I just sharing my experience…

@alexitoo_uy and @Alapjeet please don’t go Off-topic.

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@vknow360 really sorry…

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I checked and I’m still not able to find a solution!

Why don’t you show what you tried? How are other users to help you if you only tell that something doesn’t work?


I have created a match app for PUBG, using it I will held custom matches for users.
I’m using firebase for this purpose.
The problem is, at starting I set my rules to true, so when I reeased it, one of the users hacked the database and changed the values.
Now I don’t know who was the person, also I don’t know what rules I should set for firebase.

This Happened -

Now I want to set rules so that no one other than the user can modify the data in database.
I check out this tutorial - Securing Firebase - Kodular Docs

But still couldn’t get it to work!

The Current Rules for firebase I’m using -

My Blocks in App -

The Blocks I’m using to call Google Authentication and then move to next screen if login is sucessful and user is new
or if user is old and Signed In, get to Home Screen Straight.

How it should go -

First this should come.

Then this screen should come.

What Happens -

This appears whenever I just open the app, and if I login, the signin fails and stays at the same screen.

When I restart the App, this comes -

How info is stored -
The structure of data stored.

Error in App -

It is showing this and nor reading value neither writing it.

The thing I want to do is -

  1. Data should only be changed by user
  2. User should only change there data and that too using the App only, no external modification should be there
  3. Make the firebase error disappear of “Permission Denied”

If anyone can tell me what my block and rules should be, I’ll be really Grateful to them.
I hope the problem may have been clear now.


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Anyone who can answer me?
I’ve explained it and no answer till now

turn off database when init screen, then pass FirebaseToken, finally turn on database

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how to pass firebase token?