HackTest - Steps toward increasing Security

Would you like to send a tutorial video personally so that i can test it by own

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I never hacked your app I generally use this

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okay fine.
but do you know what the main use of both app.

like there are some app that changes value during runtime,some do changes in code and so on.

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Lucky Patcher for in app purchase and many things
Virtual exposed I used last to click screenshot where I was not allowed and to play pubg lite when it was not realsed in india

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i have used lucky patcher once and root is need in it
but what about virtual exposed?

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Virtual Exposed uses

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For lucky patcher, root is not needed for basic uses. Non rooted user can create a patched apk only, while rooted ones can also directly patch on the application.


Yes your right


Yes man it’s

Yes I have. In fact, I made my own app to change both your values (no root and no lucky patcher)

I can change the two DB values accordingly.


Click +100 with no problem

algorithm: return "asd,gtt,edf,vgb,ewd,dss,rrt,qpl,mjk,nmb";
Each represent (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0)
First value should be the total number of digit.

Example, I want to change the value to 123
Three digits = edf
1 = asd
2 = gtt
3 = edf

Result = edfasdgttedf

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was that esay?
as i said its base idea

for more security we must make more algorithm and messy combination

btw you have opened whole app:joy:

Will take more time to decrypt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, still crakable.

Isn’t that how to hack lol

means security increased but as we know nothing is unhackable

it is :joy:

virtual exposed,Hack App Data,Cheat Droid

I Used This App And Got Success in Hack App Data At First Try Even There Are Many Ways.


thnx @VSatish, btw the app you suggested i think need root so will it work in emulator?

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by the way new algorithm is running that more messy to work…?
Will disturb you soon for testing?

Yes even some times Roots is not needed.


Hi Everybody, i have created new encryption and i think it is much securer than first one,
So pls can everybody check its security as i have to create a guide post on it…

And can somebody send the screenshot of the way data is stored…

HackTestV3.apk (5.0 MB)

Points or encrypted data is stored like this…