HackTest - Steps toward increasing Security

@Alapjeet I think he is checking packages names and storing them in a variable… And if someone tries to hack he checks its package name is same as of original if not then he sets values to zero

And most probably also chcking the presence of lucky patcher in app list
If its pressent then we can set app not to run just quit. Something similar

@nikzdreamer2001 m i right or not?


None of that. If he allow me I can share how I hack it.


Nice… But this is not the way… Because for this we can use hack protect extension…

I think there is another way… Let’s check

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Ok I am also waiting for him…
Let’s see what he will say…

I tried to hack the app with LP and Cheat Droid and failed to hack.
There are a lot of methods still remaining :grin:


What :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking: :grin:

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If the user is rooted, I think it is easy to hack the data, as you said it is an offline app.

So guys I would like to tell that I have tried my basic idea and now I think it worked​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

But have you hacked it?

No…:sweat_smile:, I have even not used any block for package

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Yes please share it… so that I can manage security according to that

I will share my method soon… firstly let achieve to increase security from all the app.:sweat_smile:


Even that will be tough too…


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That’s the main thing :heart_eyes:
Security is much better than no security…

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Okzzz​:joy: i was thinking something like this…

No problem brotherr​:sweat_smile:

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I would like to thank everyone who tested apk and tried to hack it…

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The simple solution that I think for security is calling the values from online server everytime instead of storing in a variable. Like points, coins, gems, etc. This way if anyone modified the values, it will just be the change in the design. The value will still remain the original on the server.

Also using a local DB for these things is not a good idea.

No online server is used it’s totally offline…:sweat_smile:

The app is totally offline…

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I would like to request you to try with your method…

I Hacked It