Seeking for advice to secure user important data

Hey :kodular: :appinventor: members,

I have planned to develop a android e-commerce based application. My app may contain those credentials:

  • Username/email
  • Password
  • User balance (editable from system)
  • Other important data like third party API keys

Now my question is how to secure those data?
Please advise me which feature or option I choice for that issues?
Also I will appreciate your advice “How to prevent my app from data hack?”

Thanks in advance. :love_letter:

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It’s impossible to make things 100% secured but you might try to make it most secure to prevent being abuses. You might follow these steps.

  1. Use in-built Obfuscate blocks.
  2. Firebase Authentication.
  3. AES Encryption.

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Is there any extension required for AES Encryption ?

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Search on community there are few encryption extensions are available.

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What was our question and what you’ve answered?

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