Bad arguments to select list item

Anybody can solve my problem.
I am using Airtable to store data.
I am getting Airtable data from screen1 with startvalue component.
Please solve my this problem.

I’ve already gave you the answer about your error.

I’m sending you more screenshots. This is screen1

And this is screen2

And this is my Airtable Data

Now please Give me solution.

As you can see in your error, you’re trying to select item from the ‘Account’ value. Change the get cell block with get column block.

I Understand but how to can i use Get column block in this situation. I’m so confused​:weary::fearful::dizzy_face:

Can you Show me some blocks please​:pray:

Currently I’m not on my PC as I’m going to sleep. I can send you aia file tomorrow morning. :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much :hugs::innocent:

Use blocks as follows:

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Whyt will be fitted in the if-statements? They cannot be empty. :thinking:

I know they can’t be empty.
In if block, we will check the get index value.

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